After Hours Phone

  • 000                     - in an emergency

  • 1300 030 030   - Dial-a-Doctor, Atherton.

The Doctor House has engaged Dial-a-Doctor to care for our patients after hours. Their skilled doctors will visit you in your home and bill the service to Medicare when you have an urgent issue. Just remember they are only allowed to accept urgent calls so can't do routine scripts and the like; but if you have a sick child you are worried about or an urgent problem that can't wait until the next day, give them a call. They will contact us the next day to let us know you have been seen by them and provide us with a copy of the consultation notes for your file.

  • 4091 0409         - Atherton Hospital.

Call the hospital for things that need immediate treatment or intervention but do not require an ambulance. Please use the hospital afterhours wisely - for emergencies only.

  • The Doctor House provides after hours services by arrangement for patients requiring palliative care and for patients in nursing homes.