Our Services overview

Doctors and nurses at The Doctor House are highly skilled professionals who can provide a very wide range of general medical services (see examples below) and coordinate specialist services for you should you need them. We also work hard to bring additional services to our community:

Onsite services

Diagnostic Imaging – Ultrasonography

Pathology collection centre – Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology

Orthopaedic Surgeon – Dr Sarah Coll

Podiatrist – Jeffrey Dowdle

Echocardiogam clinics – Heart Rx, Alana Evans

Hearing services – Audiohealth

Various specialists from around Australia via video-link as needed.

Some of our important services are listed below but we provide many others.

Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Child Health
Sexual health
Diet and Exercise
Minor surgery
Acute conditions
Early interventions
Well-being and resilience
Diagnostic Imaging (ultrasound)
24-hour blood pressure monitoring
Counselling and mental health
Occupational health
Skin checks
Skin cancer surgery
Clinical diagnosis
Preventative health
Wound care
Chronic disease management
Diabetes Education and Management
Pre-employment medicals
Health Checks
Aviation medicine
Travel medicine
24-hour heart monitoring
Antenatal Care